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interesting read

i agree with most of it although i don’t quite think his solution works very well. however developments on it could help get the music industry into a better place.

How Much Would You Pay For An Album?

Out of Curiosity

And for does format affect your opinion (Cd/Vinyl/Digital)

Some of my food for thought

i would pay £10 for a CD of an Artist i really like. Submotion orchestra’s finest hour is the next on my list. But i would only do that for one or two artist’s a year. I would like to support the music i like but when i like over 100,000 tracks and well over 5000 artists you cant support them all.

The Price to just manufacture a CD on a small scale (below 2000 copies) costs over £2 per unit.

Digital Distributors (Itunes, Amazon, Etc.) take a high percentage of profit.

I want to make a report on this properly at somepoint but i felt like some more recent opinions.

reading notes


just had a strange hack(i am guessing). my keyboard letters were replaced on the internet. as i typed t it would come up with , and f with i and several other variations. but it wasn’t limited to typing, all the pre-written stuff had those letters changed as well. but as i started searching for hacking stuff about it on google it went back to normal again. i couldn’t really find much so if you have heard of this before i would be interested.


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